ERP System for Hospital Management System

Rutvi Pan
5 min readOct 7, 2020

There is a large demand for web-applications nowadays so we are here with a ERP system for Hospital Management. In present time it is very much essential that we get solutions to get quick medical treatment. This will reduce the work for hospitals and will provide ease in the treatment of patients.

So, first of all let us see what is ERP system?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software are used by companies because this software help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system.

Why ERP system is needed?

ERP-system is needed because it can help organizations bring together all their disparate activities under a single integrated application. By using ERP-system they can also manage their data very easily.

Objective of this Project:

The objective of our project is to provide simplicity to the doctors, nurses as well as patients.

Methodology and working:

In my web application hospital management software, I have made service for three types of user.

1.For Admin

In this service Admin can see all records of doctors and patients and he/she can see details of appointments and outbreaks. he/she can also add new doctor detail.

2. For Doctor

In this service doctor can see patient’s record and also add new patient. Doctor can view appointment request from patients and also can answer that appointments. Doctors can also see outbreaks which are in near township hospitals.

3. For patient

In this service patient can see their data. In this service patient can book appointment they can see appointment which are sent to doctor and they can also see replies of the doctor on their appointment requests.

Flow chart :

1st Page of web application is login page so in login page there are different options are available so user need to choose among admin, doctor or patient.

Admin Panel:

In admin panel, at home page admin can see their dashboard.

In control panel left hand side there are options like profile, Patient book, add doctor, Doctor’s record, appointment, Add outbreak, likely outbreak, HIV, HIV report.

Doctor Panel:

Doctor can login with their email id and password. When admin create account for doctor at that time automatically default password hospital will allot to doctor account which they can change after login to their account.

In Doctor Panel when doctor login to their panel they can see dashboard at their home page.

At left there are 7 option.

Profile: By clicking on this doctors can see their profile which is add by admin.

Patient Book: in this there is all information about patient. In this doctor can also print patient’s receipt and download it and can save it in .pdf form. We have done this task by using php and JavaScript.

we can also download it in portrait and also in landscape layout.

And in pdf format we can download it like above image.

Add patient: Doctor can add new patient by giving patient’s number and if they don’t have number then they can add it by providing all information about patient at that time we use random number to allot as patient number so that by using it patient can login to their account.

Appointment: Here doctor can see all their appointment request from patient and doctor can also answer it and send it to the patient.

Likely Outbreak: Doctor can see outbreak which are in near township hospital and this outbreaks are add by an admin person.

HIV & HIV reports: In HIV portion doctor can add information of people of the living with HIV. And in HIV reports doctor have all record of HIV patient.

Patient Panel

Patient can login to their account by patient number which is provided by doctor also they have to give their mobile number which is given to the doctor at the time of registration.

In patient panel at home page there is patient data and here patient can download receipt for medicine collection and left side there are 3 option.

  1. Book an appointment: By using this patient can book an appointment with doctor.

2.Sent Appointment: Here it is showing all the appointment lists which are sent to doctor.

3.Replies: Here patient can see replies from doctor for appointment.

We have made this whole application using php, JavaScript and CSS. And for store the data we have used MySQL for run this web application it will need xampp server. We have used sublime to write the code of application.

We can observe that at some point this system helps hospital management to reduce their work load in some or other way. By making certain changes we can use it for different management systems.