ERP System for Battery Distribution Management Software

Rutvi Pan
4 min readJul 9, 2020


During my internship ,I was given task to make one web application for battery distribution management.So i created battery distribution management software like ERP — first of all,let’s see what this ERP-system is.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software are used by companies because this software help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system.

Why ERP-system is needed?

ERP-system is needed because it can help organizations bring together all their disparate activities under a single integrated application.By using ERP-system they can also manage their data very easily.

In my web application battery management software i have made service for three types of user.

  1. For Admin
  • In this service admin person can see all details of distributor and he/she also can add new distributor.

2. For Distributor

  • In this service distributor Customer’s details, Purchase history of a specific customer, Selling batteries to the customer and make bill receipts, Auto-invoice generator, Stock management, Stock dashboard, Add stock.

3. For customer

  • In this service customer can see purchase details.

Flow of Web Application

1st Page of web application is login page so in login page there are different options are available so user need to choose among customer, distributor or admin.and if user is new user then they needs to register themselves first.

For password I have used the MD5 encryption Method to encrypt the user’s password and then we store it in the database.

Customer Panel:

In customer panel, at home page customer can see their recent purchase.

In control panel at left side their are options like history,distributor and history they can see all their history with product detail and in profile they can edit their profile.

Distributor Panel:

In Distributor Panel when distributor login to their account they can see customer list at their home page.

At left side their 5 options .

  1. Add new battery

By clicking on this option distributor can add new battery in their stock.for add battery we made one form by filling that for they can add battery to their stock .at back end side we write a query so that can add new battery to particular table in database.

2. Add Purchase Detail

By clicking on this option distributor can add new purchase battery detail and generate bill receipt.

It will generate bill receipt given as below:

3. Show stock:

By clicking on this option distributor can see their stock .if distributor add any new battery then it will automatically shows increase in battery count of that company’s stock.and if distributor sell any battery then it will automatically shows decrease in battery count of that company’s stock.It is dashboard for distributor so if i click on any company then it will show all the detail of stock .

4. Show purchase

By clicking on this option distributor can see all purchase shows how many battery was sold.

5.Add stock

This option is work same as add new battery.

Admin Panel:

In admin panel their are option such as distributor and add distributor.

By using distributor option admin can see all details of distributor and by using add new distributor option admin can add new distributor.

I had used the SQL database for storing data and I made this web app using ASP.NET(C#). For the whole web application, I used a theme of adminLTE. My web application is responsive to all devices. First, I have made tables in the database to store specific data. I made one master excel sheet that contains the information about the product( different types of batteries).

So, this is the ERP-System that I have made.I have made web application for battery distribution management system.but it will also work for other products.We have to change some particular things and we can use it for different product.

Github link of my project: